New blog (n00b-10g?)

Adding another blog to the universe, I might ask myself the same question people ask themselves when contemplating children:

There are already so many in the world that no one cares about, why should I create more?

( I should say here that the parallel ends in consideration of the several blogs that I’ve had die from lack of attention. That’s between me and social services, and is none of your business.)

My answer to the blogging question is the same as my answer to the breeding question:

Because I got good material. Hey-o! Up top!

Seriously, there ARE a lot of blogs out there. Some are so awesome that you look at your own blog and apologize for not being a better parent. Some blogs are merely annoying and easily ignored. Some are so heartbreakingly deformed that you don’t know whether to cradle them in your arms, weeping, or call animal control. I decided to start this blog because I read a lot of blogs and I think I have something to add to the conversation. If some of my ideas help a few people, then the endeavor will have been worth it.

I will be writing about things that are important to me: running & fitness, cooking & nutrition, family & parenting, work & personal finance, and the culture of information. Add me to your RSS reader, comment early and often, and most of all enjoy…just don’t try to get my blog into your van with promises of candy.


One response to “New blog (n00b-10g?)

  1. Ha! I love your writing style.

    I just started my blog around the same time you did, with some intersecting topics. And that has also been my goal from the beginning — to help people.

    Good luck in your endeavor. I’ll be back to read more!

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