Interview them right back

Interview situation.I was just commenting on post to Wisebread about job interview tips, when I realized that my comment was starting to resemble an article unto itself, and as such, it could totally count toward my not breaking the chain.

A pox on the house of Seinfeld, I say!

The most important thing to remember in an interview situation is that you are interviewing THEM just as much as they are interviewing YOU.

You’ve got to figure our whether this is a company you really want to work for. Is this a good learning environment with active mentors who will help you in build your career, or are you just selling yourself to them because they’re the first person who paid attention to your resume, or they’re the most prestigious company that has deigned to interview you?

Make sure you ask good questions designed to show the interviewers that you’re interested in investing the next few years of your life with them IF they’re willing and able to help you build your skills and value.

This is not to say that you should only ask self-interested questions, or that any self-interested question will do.

Bad: “How many sick days to I get?”
Good: “What does your company do to promote employee wellness?”

Bad: “What’s your 401k match?”
Good: “What’s your strategy for retaining good people?”

Bad: “The other guy has free beer. Do you have free beer? Can I have one right now?”
Good: “A lot of companies encourage team-building activities and “fun” at the office that promotes work-group cohesiveness and improves long-term productivity. Do you have any activities like that? Can you give me an example right now?”

The right company will respect your desire to grow your own human capital — indeed, they will see it as a clear strength of yours — and will demonstrate THEIR capacity to meet YOUR expectations, not just the other way around. I’d hire a critical thinker who shows forethought in career planning over a desperate yes-person who’s over-impressed with my brand any day of the week and twice on casual Friday.


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