The 4-Hour…Sleepnight?

New testament for the new rich.Holy shoeshine, am I beat. It’s going on 2am and I’m yay-close to wrapping this Seinfeld chain around someone’s neck and playing “start the lawnmower”.

Why am I up so late? I’m glad you asked. Oh, right. You couldn’t have asked. You’re asleep.

I’m up so late because of my dreams. Not bad dreams that scare me awake. Good dreams that make me afraid to go to sleep.

You see, I’m a devotee of Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Workweek phenomenon. I got the book at the bookstore the day it came out, and I read it cover-to-cover — taking copious notes — over the weekend that followed. The whole book seemed to speak to different areas of my life that I found wanting…working in office environments that value presence over performance, allowing meaningless tasks and useless information to consume my attention, trying to get ahead financially under a non-scalable paradigm of trading time for money.

I learned an awful lot from that book. I began to apply the lessons to my working life and my dreaming life. Re-evaluating all my commitments with the killer combination of the Pareto Principle and Parkinson’s Law has boosted both my productivity and my free time. But I also made a resolution I’ve yet to follow through with, until now.

I’d resolved to give Tim’s “muse” business creation plan a try. He said you could get a small business — simple enough to practically run itself, yet lucrative enough to free you from some or all of your time-for-money commitments — in a matter of a few weeks. I made this resolution at the end of April.

May came and went. I kicked around a few business ideas, but I crafted no “muse” to speak of.

June, July…same drill. Stuff going on with my then-employer kept me preoccupied; however, it also strengthened my resolve to work toward breaking out of the time-for-money and praise-for-presence box I was in.

August: wedding and honeymoon. Mine. Gimme a break.

September I opened my paper calendar (ug ug…fire much bad…) and found a sticky-note with a goal written on it: “$15k profit/month in 90 days!” It was dated July 15. I’d stuck the note in September to get myself back on track IN CASE I’d fallen off. I know myself too well.

The punchline: I’m up late working on a website to test the demand for a product I’m considering developing. I don’t want to jinx it by letting on, but it’s something that combines my greatest passions of cooking and performing. I hope the demand is there — in my mind the value proposition is pretty compelling — because I’d have a blast developing the product, which would boost my chance for success even more, I think. Stay tuned.

Call to action: read Tim Ferriss’s book, The 4-Hour Workweek. It may or may not change your life, but it will definitely broaden your perspective on how you’re living your life (or letting IT live YOU).

Now I’m off to bed for 2.5 hours’ sleep before I have to get up and take the kids to schoozzzzzzzzzzz…..


One response to “The 4-Hour…Sleepnight?

  1. Good luck with the project. I believe in Tim Ferrriss and his tenets. So much so, that I’ve taken the steps and am on a path to the 4-hour workweek, the Tim Ferriss way.

    Pierre Cutler

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